My name is Viktoria and I come from Hungary. Now I`m staying in Haderslev, in Denmark. I come with Erasmus programme and I will stay here for four months. I want to write down here what's happening with me during my stay.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Singing all together

Have you ever felt, that you can't stop singing a song? I think all of the Erasmus students feel the same nowadays. It's because of a song, that we learned in the music class. We learned it on the first lesson and when somebody starts to sing it, everybody sings it.

The lyrics:
Singing all together, singing just for joy,
singing all together, every girl and boy.
Everybody singing a song, everybody singing a song,
Everybody sing all day long, everybody sing all day long.

On the lesson I did a task, I've never tried before. We listened to music, and we had to make a story for it. I think I can use it in the future during my teaching.

The best task for me was that, when we had to compose music in groups. In Hungary just a few schools have so many instruments like this school. So it's complicated to do tasks like this in a hungarian primary school.

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